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My approaches to counselling and coaching around Bristol and South West UK

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My Approaches

I draw on a wide range of methodologies and learned solutions, aquired during many years of practice, in a broad range of scenarios.

Psychological Tools and Techniques

I have been using psychological tools and techniques successfully with clients for three decades. My toolkit includes the latest models and exercises that help to change thinking and behaviours effectively.

Solution Focused Coaching and Counselling

My approach is solution focused. Whilst some time can be spent discussing the problem and its origins, most of our work together will be focused on what you want moving forwards.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Within my practice is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that often work well to help you to change your thinking and behaviours.


I use several psychometric instruments as appropriate with my clients. For example, I use Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help clients to understand themselves and others better.

People and Leadership Frameworks and Models

I help my clients to address their challenges drawing on relevant frameworks and models. One example is a feedback model that clients use to improve communication and helps with self and others development.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

I use clinical hypnotherapy to help my clients to address personal issues that have been impacting their life. As about 90% of the mind is subconscious hypnotherapy works well to shift unwanted thinking that is driving unwanted behaviours and feelings.

These approaches have proved very popular with clients and bought excellent results. See the tesimonials on the appropriate pages.

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