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Personal Coaching and Marital Relationship Counselling in Bristol, Bath.

Personal Coaching and Counselling

I help and support clients with personal and coaching development needs including marriage and couples counselling, bereavement, grief and mental health issues.

This is a popular service offering. Clients come to me with a wide range of issues and challenges that have been holding them back in life and making them feel unhappy.

For example, I am working with a solicitor:

“In spite of what seems on the surface to be a good life, I have been unhappy for some time”.

We are working on everything from lifestyle habits to improve her energy levels, to ingrained negative beliefs that are driving some dysfunctional behaviours. After just one session she said that she felt a lot better, particularly in her motivation.

I work with couples who want to address marriage issues using a bespoke marriage counselling approach, drawing on the work of Gottman and Sliver, as well as fifteen years of experience of what helps couples to resolve their issues. I am also working with F and G in individual and couples’ sessions to address issues impacting their relationship.

“These sessions are so useful”

is the feedback thus far.

I have been able to help people from Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Exeter and across the south west of England. I have a quiet and totally confidential location where we can talk openly and in total privacy.


Pam helped me overcome and process a deep amount of grief after my father died. I continue to work with her whilst I was working full time and juggling family and career and caring roles. Her professional support was invaluable and always beneficial.


Sound Good? Then let's do this!

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