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Team coaching and board facilitation development for business

Team Building

I help businesses, teams and individuals with their specific team challenges, drawing on a high performing team model and techniques from twenty years consulting experience.

Empirical research shows that the top performing businesses and organisations in every sector have phenomenal high performing teams. They make fewer mistakes, align their goals and objectives, consistently behave right and adapt to the changing market conditions with leadership vision.

Ultimately, they thrash the competition, enjoy what they do and keep perspective when things go awry.

On my list of teams, I admire, and respect are NASA’s Apollo 11, The Manhattan Project and The Royal Society of London.

I am working with a health services provider on their vision, capability development and discipline. I am also working with a professional services organisation on improving their team communications and relationships. They are having fun understanding more about their own and other's communication styles and what they can do on a day to day basis to have positive interactions with colleagues that get results.


Pam worked with my team to improve our performance and meet our targets; particularly beneficial were the goal alignment and role clarity elements


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