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Career Outplacement

Career Outplacement

I provide tailored help and support to individuals who are being made redundant including career diagnostics, CV best practices, linked in and other platforms advice and interview practice.

I provide this service to organisations and those people leaving the organisation due to redundancy. I help to smoothly facilitate the transition to the next step in your career.

Every individual has unique needs, so we start by identifying what these are.

For example, I am working with P using a blank sheet of paper, as he wants to do something entirely different. His work values have changed so we are exploring his new ones along with the career that best match with this.

I am working with J to improve her interview presentation as this is an area where she wants to grow her confidence.

With this service I provide a lot of help and support and strength to individuals whose confidence and anxiety has often been impacted by their situation. We reframe this as an opportunity to match their work personality now to a job or career that they will want to get out of bed in the morning for.


Pam helped me to find my next directorship when I found myself in a redundancy situation. I found it useful to explore my options with Pam’s guidance; the interview practice was invaluable as I had not been interviewed for many years.


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