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Professional results coaching, mentoring and counselling, professional and business coaching in bristol, exeter, swindon and plymouth

Professional 1:1 and Virtual Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring

I provide bespoke help and support to clients that want to change careers or address aspects of their current work including relationship tactics and skills building.

Top client needs in this area are improving states such as confidence and motivation. For professional skills training and development top needs are managing work relationships, presenting, influencing and decision making. In the technical sphere we have conversations about strategy and workload/time management and prioritisation. Clients like a solutions focused approach for coaching and mentoring. They also appreciate a solutions focused counselling approach focused on deep listening and reflecting to clarify understanding. This helps individuals to process thinking and drives ideas, options and ultimately solutions.

I have been working with P for six years during which time her objectives have been achieved and moved on to others through two promotions, now director. P works in a challenging environment and uses me as a sounding board for her problem solving and decision making.

I have been working with H since 2010. During this time, she has progressed, within her sector, from Finance Director of a medium sized organisation to Managing Director of a large one. H uses me as a confidante to air her thinking on her responsibilities leading the business with multiple stakeholder groups within the region.

I work with business partners, for example, B and C, who like help from me to ratify their strategy and coach and mentor them in leadership, for example improving communications and performance management in their business.

I am working with senior female leaders for whom needs vary and can be summarised as:

  • Confidence and assertiveness, calmly and positively
  • Building active networks that help and support their career journey
  • Resilience when there are challenges
  • Work-life balance
  • Role modelling
  • Establishing authority and visibility
  • How to have strategic impact
  • Properly addressing fears and anxieties.

I now ask 'What if?' as well as 'What if the opposite was true?' which is particularly useful for anticipating what others will think about a problem and it can lead to some surprising opportunities.

West of England Coaching and Counselling helped me to see past my excuses and to learn how to be the best leader I can be.


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