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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training with Pam Madden in Bristol

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Pam Madden has been using NLP training for 30 years to help clients to achieve the transformations and changes to the outcome they want.

Neuro-Linguistic Prprgramming utlises the language of your mind to rehearse, then communicate, to achieve your wanted outcomes.

Clearly your desired outcomes need to be realistic. If what you want is within the realms of possibility, NLP techniques are a secret weapon and enabler in work and in life.

For example, I use the SWISH technique with clients which involves switching an unwanted visual thought for a wanted visual thought. The brain then focuses on what you want and what you want begins to happen through a series of ideas and options to help you to get there. Mine often happen whilst I am relaxing or exercising.

Something simple that I use a lot with clients is NLP reframing. For example, a client has the prevailing negative thought “I am not good enough at interviews because I waffle”. The reframe technique means thinking of a realistic more positive alternative and choosing to think about that such as “I am learning to be more concise in interviews and am getting better at them”.

Another technique that I use a lot is the rewind technique where we can literally scramble a template in the mind such as a set of thoughts or specific memory and neutralise the emotions around that so that the client feels ambivalent about it.

NLP language is helpful for anyone encouraging others to buy. We all have a linguistic preference for example, auditory. If your customer is auditory and you are more visual, you need to practice communicating in an auditory way to build rapport and increase your influence.

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