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Overcoming Fear

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I regulalrly publish a short article or helpful snippet to my Linked In page and to my blog. I have reproduced them below, for ease of reading. Firstly though, a general piece that can serve as an overview for the articles that follow:

Personal Counselling Issues

One of the most common issues that clients want to address when they meet me, is their ongoing anxiety. The feelings and thoughts involved are emotionally tiring and hold you back from doing what you want, whether that’s pursuing your career goal or going to that exercise class that you booked.

Closely linked with this is improving confidence. Self-doubt and turbulence in thought and behaviour mean that opportunities are not taken advantage of and you feel stuck.

Wanting to be more positive and motivated is another common issue, where you feel drawn towards the negative and find your energy levels are low.

Some clients ‘just want to be happier’ in their life, rather than feeling sad and not being able to clearly understand why.

Relationships feature in this for a lot for clients, who know that they are not giving or receiving love well and worry constantly about it.

Better mental health is a goal for many people.

I will spend time with you identifying what you want and helping you to achieve your outcomes. I do not believe that we need to dig down and analyse your past, something that has often been shown to make things worse for individuals.

Overcoming Fear


A client wanted to address her fear of presenting

Despite preparing the presentation content thoroughly, she knew that she would have nerves, culminating in a panic attack, shortly before she was due to present and would make an excuse. Someone else would step in and she would feel relieved.

Our physiological experience belies what is going on in our mind. The thoughts she was having were negative and causing her anxious physical symptoms: she told herself that she would colour up, forget her words and that people would think she was weak.

Imagine yourself about to descend down a mountain on your skis. Are you anxious or excited? Physiologically these feelings are the same. How we present the feelings to ourselves determines whether it manifests as excitement, or fear.

We discussed this analogy and my client was able to say:

“So if I can get excited about it, I will experience the same feelings, but it will be ok?”

We had a conversation about an example topic and what could be exciting about the content or the way she presented it.

I have just received a call from her to say that she had presented to a small group, as a trial of her new approach and it went well.

Same feelings, different thoughts.

Choose your thoughts carefully.

Big love,


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