Group Coaching Bristol

We provide group coaching services across Bristol improving your thinking, behaviour and performance on an individual and collective level.

Group coaching is a way of teaching people how to coach themselves and at the same time allowing you to achieve your own personal and collective goals.

Taking part in group coaching allows you to benefit from the thoughts and experiences of those around you, learn about the whole coaching process and improve your motivation and self-belief.

Group coaching - like all other kinds of coaching - is measured against a set of goals and we have a client-focused and results-oriented approach which produces tangible organisational and personal results.

Group Coaching Services Bristol

Using group coaching is suitable for all kinds of individuals, teams and groups and can be used to tackle specific issues holding back your performance from conflict and dispute through to assertiveness and time management.

More and more organisations recognise how coaching is key to their future success and our group coaching services have successfully been employed by blue-chips, multi-nationals and public sector organisations.

Our major clients include The NHS, Hargreaves Lansdown, Lloyds TSB and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) with details of our approach and successes on our Business Values, Portfolio and Testimonials pages.

Group Coaching Approach

We offer all our clients a complimentary Better Results Today coaching session - to book yours fill in our simple Online Form and we will be in touch shortly.

All our group coaching - although challenging - is non judgemental and totally confidential and bound by the professional code of conduct and ethics set out by The Coaching Academy.

All sessions can be carried at a venue to suit you or in the privacy of Our Offices in the grounds of Coombe Lodge in Bladgon near Bristol.

For more about our group coaching services for Bristol contact us at